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Meet Bryan Adams, the photographer of
our Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign.

W. Dear Bryan, we are very excited about you photographing our Spring / Summer 2019 campaign. A lot of people know you as a musician. You came directly from New York for the shooting and told us that you have up to 100 gigs a year. For decades, you have also been very successful as a photographer.

We are thrilled by the intensity of your photos and by how you explore the personalities in front of your camera lens. How do you reconcile all this, where do you get the energy to lead such an intense life, and how do you keep fit?

B.A. It’s quite easy really, don’t drink or smoke and try to exercise a little everyday.
In my case, I do this and I only eat fruit and veggies, I’m a vegan.

W. We just spent two days with you shooting the campaign. We were very impressed by how professionally you work with your crew on the set, how you concentrate and focus on the camera and your personal touch.
How would you describe your own style of photography?

B.A. I’m a portrait photographer, but I love to do fashion if there is a good team.

W. The decision to work together is always made by two parties – we were sure that we wanted to work with you and hoped you would also be enthusiastic about the idea. What convinced you to shoot the campaign for windsor.?

B.A I was thrilled to be asked. Fashion photography is nice work if you can get it. I’m glad the team was receptive to my ideas regarding the set etc. I think it worked out really well. And the weather was perfect.

W. Windsor. is a brand of German origin, but our customers lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle, they are very mobile and enjoy a lot of travelling, both professionally and privately.

That goes for you, too. With worldwide concerts and photography assignments, you live out of your suitcase more of ten than out of your closet. Which demands do you have on your clothing when it comes to mobility?


B.A. keep things very minimal: shirts, jeans. I always carry a jumper with me on airplanes as it tends to get cold on them.

W. And when you are travelling, what don't you want to be missing in your suitcase when it comes to fashion?

B.A. I think it’s always good to have a hat and sunnies in your carry bag when you’ve been on a long-haul flight and you look like a toad. It’s important to always carry a nice pair of shoes and a jacket in case you need to go to dinner where they insist on a dresscode.


Campaign 2019

Photographed by Bryan Adams

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