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windsor x the dolder grand capsule collection
windsor x the dolder grand capsule collection

Two brands. One vision.


The legendary Zurich hotel The Dolder Grand and luxury fashion brand windsor. present a strictly limited unisex capsule collection. Based on the Swiss side of Lake Constance, windsor. has stood for relaxed luxury, a cosmopolitan attitude and sophisticated style for 130 years. Anyone who wears windsor. has long since found their identity. They know exactly who they are. And it is precisely this confidence – of knowing where you belong – that brings the Dolder Grand and windsor. brands together so effortlessly.

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The luxurious city resort is considered one of Zurich’s key landmarks. Thanks to its progressive orientation and unique offering, the luxury hotel continues to be a favorite meeting place for visitors from all over the world. Today, as mobility is part of everyday life and cities and destinations rush past like scenes in a movie, a sense of comfort and well-being has become fundamental. That said, it is often the small acts of indulgence, celebrating the moment and being authentic that make all the difference. A unique collaboration between The Dolder Grand and windsor. and a limited capsule collection that combines tradition and modernity emerged from this idea.

short windsor pour homme avec t-shirt en beige
chemise pyjama rayée et pantalon windsor pour femme
blouse femme windsor rayée blanc noir
pantalon de pyjama windsor hommes bleu blanc rayé
windsor x the dolder grand plaid
windsor woman - blouse de pyjama rayée
windsor women's blouses striped black white
pantalon de pyjama windsor hommes bleu blanc rayé
windsor men's t-shirt and trousers beige
windsor ladies top in white

«Comfy Couture» is the headline of the hour and the collection convinces with highest comfort and quality.

«Relaxed Tailored Luxury» at its best – the luxurious and strictly limited capsule collection by windsor. and The Dolder Grand has been designed as a purely unisex collection and is dedicated to the experience of exclusive travel. At the center of this special capsule are timeless fashion icons such as bomber jackets, pyjamas, sweaters, shirts and baseball caps, which are real eye-catchers and make a statement. The exceptional co-branding transforms the styles into real it-pieces and underlines the coolness of this unique brand collaboration.

blouse rayée windsor noir blanc casquette en blanc

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windsor sweat-shirt unisexe windsor en lyocell mélangé, écru
chemise unisexe windsor en coton loungewear, écru
Short unisexe windsor en coton écru pour vêtements de détente
chaussettes windsor en blanc-marine
chemise de pyjama unisexe windsor en lyocell, rayée marine
pantalon de pyjama unisexe windsor en lyocell rayé marine
Plaid double laine windsor, écru-marine
peignoir unisexe windsor en lyocell rayé marine
blouson unisexe windsor en marine
sweat-shirt unisexe windsor en lyocell mélangé, écru
casquette windsor en coton écru et bleu
sweat-shirt unisexe windsor en lyocell mélangé, écru

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