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Inspired by Berlin.

The quiet power

The new campaign combines style, timelessness and an international fashion attitude. The focus is on the unique looks and craftsmanship of the new windsor fall/winter collection. We continue to draw inspiration from special places and this time it’s Berlin and its architectural highlight, the Deutsche Oper Berlin - a place full of tranquility and strength, just like the collection itself.

Photographed by one of the most successful fashion photographers, Misha Taylor, our protagonists - fashion icon and Berliner by choice Luca Gajdus, and model discovery, pianist, and music producer Noah Ramos - stand for individuality, character, and style. Misha Taylor’s photography operates in the realm between fashion and art. His images are characterized by a distinctive, sophisticated look - subtle, focused, without over-the-top staging. It’s an exciting play of contrasts, a natural interaction with the personalities in front of the camera.

windsor damen strick weiss
windsor herren sakko hose grau

Inspired by Berlin.

Berlin German Opera

The Deutsche Oper Berlin, a world-renowned architectural backdrop. Here, architecture and fashion come together in a harmonious duet. The finest materials and exquisite tailoring are showcased against panels of dark-stained Zebrano wood. Elongated spaces and a discreet elegance both on the outside and inside create a captivating shooting location. It’s the perfect stage for a collection that finds its natural expression in the subtle formality of the opera house.

As the youngest and largest of the three opera houses in Berlin, the Deutsche Oper is immediately recognizable from the outside due to its distinctive exposed pebble concrete facade. Designed by Fritz Bornemann, the building represents architectural clarity and aesthetics. Here you will find the true essence - a stage for quiet luxury and stylish restraint.

windsor damen kleid gelb herren baukastenanzug schwarz
windsor damen kleid gelb
windsor damen jacke schwarz
windsor herren mantel

Inspired by Berlin.


windsor creates a unique connection between architecture and fashion, with a focus on clarity and quality. Each garment reflects the aesthetics of the environment and expresses individuality. It’s about subtle refinement. A harmonious balance of style and restraint. Iconic looks never go out of fashion. Every detail is carefully chosen to convey a genuine sense of relaxed tailored luxury.

windsor damen mantel violett blazer und hose grau
windsor herren mantel beige