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When it comes to shipping your windsor. items, there are three crucial criteria: Speed, convenience and reliability. We have partnered with top-performing delivery company DHL, in order to provide you with a first-class service and meet all these criteria, So that shipping and returns are made as simple as possible - both for us and for you.

Shipping costs

We always ship by parcel post. This means that the items are completely protected against loss or damage, both on their way to you, as well as when, and if, they are sent back to us - unlike the cheaper options of parcel delivery.
To enable us to provide you with this service, for all orders under €200 we need to make a charge for shipping of €6.95 per order. Shipping is free of charge for all orders over €200. Of course, you can return any items free of charge.

Different shipping address

Convenience is also top of our list when it comes to the delivery address. Feel free to have your parcel delivered to wherever you will normally be during standard delivery times, at your office, for example. Please note: When placing an order, you may enter a delivery address which is different to your billing address, however, both addresses must still be located in the same country.

Tracking your parcel

You can use the DHL parcel tracking service to track the location of your windsor. items at all times. To do so, you’ll need to have the parcel number, which can be found in the shipment confirmation e-mail sent to you when your parcel left the windsor. logistics centre. This email also contains a direct link to the DHL tracking tool.
The tracking tool doesn’t always work immediately as the parcel number will only become active once it has been registered and updated. If this happens to you, please try again later.


Our shipping agent, DHL, will deliver your parcel directly to the address specified. If you are not there to collect the parcel, it will be sent to a DHL centre / post office nearby and kept there for you. A delivery notice will be left in your letter box containing information regarding the parcel storage location and the times it can be collected. You will have 7 working days from the date of the attempted delivery to collect your parcel from the post office. After this time, it will be sent back to us.


Take your time trying on your windsor. items in the comfort of your own home. Try them on together with your favourite pieces, experience the unique windsor. quality and see whether each individual item meets your needs, no rush - take your time. If you don’t like an item, or it doesn’t fit, you have 30 days to decide and send it back to us.
We do not currently offer an exchange service - we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like an item in a different size or colour, simply place a new order and send the original items back to us.
At the windsor. Online-Store, we can only deal with complaints and returns for items that were ordered on the windsor. Online-Store. If you have bought your items elsewhere, please return them to the location where they were purchased. Likewise, items bought in the windsor. Online-Store cannot be returned to a shop. If you would like to return these items, please send them back to us.
The information above, first and foremost, pertains to our right of return which has been voluntarily granted. Your cancellations rights, to which you are legally entitled, are not restricted in any way by this. Further information regarding legal rights of cancellation can be found under item 6.1 in our general terms and conditions.

Return delivery

Please prevent items from being damaged during transportation by packing them carefully. For the sake of the environment, simply use the original packaging.
Please note: Any returned items must still have their original tags attached and they must be in a suitable condition, i.e. the item has been checked and tried on, but not worn. We cannot resell any returned items which have a strong smell or any make-up or lipstick marks, in other words, which have obviously been worn. As a result, if any such items are returned, we must make a claim for compensation for loss of value.
Additionally, the bags for clothes and other extras are all part of the item and must be returned together with the item, where applicable.


We process returns as quickly as possible. If, after we have checked your returned items, you are due a refund, we will immediately credit the amount owed onto the account used when you placed the order, i.e. to the bank, credit card or PayPal account used. You will be advised of this by e-mail.


If you choose to purchase one of our windsor. products, you are right to expect that an item will be first-class windsor. quality. If, at any time, the standard of quality is below par, we would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.
You may make a complaint to us regarding any faulty items in accordance to your legal warranty claims, as a matter of course. Please read our general terms and conditions for more information. However, this only applies to items purchased from the windsor. Online-Store.
Please send the faulty item, together with your bank details and a short explanation, to the following address:
windsor. Online-Store
C/O PVS Fashion-Service GmbH
Walter-Tron-Strasse 5
97437 Hassfurt
Our customer service team is available and happy to help with any questions regarding complaints, or any other matter, and will do so to the standard you would expect from windsor.