City of inspiration.

San Francisco pulsates with energy that hardly anyone can resist. A vibrant scene of architects, interior designers, ar tists and scientists inspire each other all the time.

A few days in San Francisco is enough to gain new ideas and get the creative juices flowing..



On the go.

Katinka Gripekoven is a designer at windsor. women. In San Francisco, she found many inspirations for the new collection. Here, she shows us her hot and cool spots of the city, a place that feels like it sleeps perhaps even less than New York.



As if San Francisco weren’t breathtaking enough, there are still countless enchanting shops to visit. Most of them are located around Union Square. Don’t go searching, just find them!



Changing lighting moods turn the city into a postcard cliché, only in real life! There are other kinds of bright spots in the form of the San Francisco Design Center or the SF Design Week, which takes place every year in June.



If a street has its own website and an extensive restaurant, event and shopping directory, then you know it’s somewhere you definitely have to go!



Here, the dishes are rich in contrast: heavy and nutritious versus light and healthy. If you don‘t want to have breakfast in your hotel - the charm (and the view!) of the small street cafés is priceless.



From the airport straight to the Bay? Thanks to the city’s excellent transport network, that’s not a problem. There are well-developed highways, roads and cycle paths everywhere. And the cable cars, trains, buses and ferries are just waiting for you to get on board.